About us



Founded in 2017, Shanghai Wingbow Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research and development, design and production of robots and their core components. Our main products are high-precision RV reducers for industrial robots, intelligent parking robots, etc. We have a R & D team with strong tech, complete disciplines, solid theory, rich experience. 
       We get breakthroughs in the basic theories of RV reducers and key technologies,  such as product structure, tooth profile design, manufacturing technology, and rapid testing. We complete the industrialization of RV reducers. The production base has initially formed a strong processing and production capacity, with an annual output of 30,000 RV reducers. It is estimated that the production capacity of the second phase of the production base will reach 100,000 units after it is put into use in 2022. 
       The main performance indicators such as accuracy and stability, service life and noise have reached the international advanced level. Realizing the localization of industrial RV reducer. We also provide development and solutions for robots and new energy industry application scenarios. The "Wingbow Parking" robot integrates AGV parking robots, SaaS applications, and dispatching systems. It has developed a fusion navigation technology that combines multi-laser SLAM, inertial navigation, RFID, and motor encoders to achieve precise and automatic transportation of cars in the parking lot. A new type of fully automatic parking system with high intelligence, high space utilization and good parking experience. The system has strong adaptability and can be suitable for the intelligent transformation of various types of garages.
       In the era of "smart+", we highly conform to the national industry orientation, adheres to the development concept of innovation-driven, customer-based, and quality-based life, and addresses the core needs of users with heart. Provide users with perfect solutions with high-quality products and advanced technology, and realize customers’ automated dreams with technological innovation.