AGV Robot


     “Wingbow Parking" robot is the latest generation of automatic parking robot independently developed by Shanghai Wingbow Precision Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as “Xiao Yi". The AGV  robot mainly uses tape navigation, laser navigation, visual navigation and othertechnologies to guide parking. It has fast action, high work efficiency, Features such as simple structure, strong controllability, and good safety. "Xiao Yi" applies four laser SLAM, inertial navigation, RFID, motor encoder and other technologies to integrate AGV parking robots, SAAS applications, and dispatching systems to realize accurate and automatic transportation of cars in parking lots, suitable for various types of vehicles. The intelligent and unmanned transformation of the garage is especially suitable for public parking lots such as hospitals, commercial complexes, airports.


    "Xiaoyi" is controlled by the background control system to perform parking robot scheduling, optimal path dynamic planning, dynamic task assignment, and emergency handling of various emergencies. Equipped with a sensing device inside, it can avoid obstacles by itself, and automatically adjust the running speed to effectively prevent the vehicle from scratching. It can realize various travel modes such as in-situ steering, fan-shaped route, lateral movement, etc. It has very low requirements on the ground. It is a new type of fully automatic parking system with high intelligence, high space utilization, and good parking experience. The height of "Xiaoyi" is only 10cm, which is suitable for the height of the chassis of most vehicles on the market. Although it is small in size, it has a carrying weight of up to 3 tons. Under normal circumstances, "Xiao Yi" can work continuously for 4 hours, and will automatically charge to the charging place when the battery is insufficient to ensure that it is on standby throughout the day.微信图片_202109261558013
   When the user wants to park the car, the driver only needs to park the car in the parking space at the entrance of the garage, and the parking robot can automatically transport the car into the parking space in the garage; when the user wants to pick up the car, he only needs to make a reserv ation through his cell phone, and the robot can transport the car stored in the garage to the pick-up space at the entrance of the garage, and the driver can drive to the entrance of the garage and leave, taking less than 2 minutes. It saves users' valuable time in parking and picking up cars, and solves the traffic congestion caused by looking for parking spaces in the garage

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Product size

1838 × 1085 × 110 (mm)

Guidance method

laser guidance + inertial navigation + RFID

Communication method

WiFi+4G, 5G can be expanded

Walking function

forward, reverse, turn, spin, pan

Traveling speed

1m/S (emergency stop possible, rated load 3 tons)


8 hours (automatic charging)

Key Strength

      Nowadays, the number of cars in the world is increasing sharply. Traditional parking lots, garages and other facilities occupy more and more areas, and the parking problem in big cities around the world is becoming more and more prominent. According to statistics, cars are currently parked in parking spaces 95% of the time, while parking lots in large cities occupy almost 15% of urban land. 30% of the traffic congestion in the core area is caused by the lack of parking spaces. Therefore, An efficient parking method is urgently needed to solve the problem of urban parking difficulties.   

      In this context, as a new derivative application field of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), parking robots have quickly entered the public's field of vision driven by the high demand for parking lots in the past two years.

1-Clamping tires in the forward direction

No additional lifting plates, comb racks, no large-scale renovation, low investment
2-Vehicle hydraulic suspension omnidirectional drive unit
low ground flatness need and strong ground adaptability
3- Dual-car wireless linkage ultra-thin body solution
Suitable for all kinds of wheelbase vehicles without taking up extra space
4-APP: Support all-in-one & WeChat applet APP

Closer to user habits, more convenient to use 

Applied Area

   Our products can be widely used in various public parking lots, such as airports, high-speed railway stations, large shopping malls and other parking lots. It can significantly alleviate the traffic congestion caused by the difficulty of parking to find a parking space, and save users parking time before taking a plane, taking a train, or shopping in a mall. The intelligent parking lot with the help of parking robots not only solves the huge labor cost burden of the parking lot when the demographic dividend is dissipated, but also improves the work efficiency and quality of the parking lot.